Which Linux distribution should I use for a Web server?

I'm mosting likely to set up a webserver in the house, yet I'm not exactly sure what dist I need to make use of. I have actually made use of Linux prior to yet I'm not a proffesional. I've read concerning the distinctions in between several of the circulations, yet I'm still not encouraged. GUI does not matter, I'll simply be SSHing to it anyways. I require something effective yet still not also intricate to set up. It is my very first time setting up a Linux web server, I'm simply doing this to find out.

I'm acquainted with Ubuntu, yet I intend to attempt another thing.

I'm not exactly sure what would certainly fit me ideal, any kind of pointers?

Side inquiry: the web server is making use of an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 cpu (if I did my study appropriately), and also according to Wikipedia it is based upon the Intel Core microarchitecture (formerly called the Next - Generation Micro - Architecture, or NGMA). On the download web page of debian.org (and also various other distros) I need to define the cpu style to get the proper documents, yet my own isn't detailed there. Which one should I pick?

2022-06-07 14:31:59
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I concur with @Oliver Salzburg.

Primarily, as long as your distribtuion can install all the "LAMP" parts (definition Linux, Apache, MySQL, and also PHP) you'll have a really typical arrangement in vast usage by others.

Debian makes mounting the above attractive simple via aptitude. I visualize Red Hat does the very same. Not exactly sure concerning others, yet any kind of circulation that is been around for a long period of time needs to have plans for the above.

2022-06-07 14:50:28

The first distro that you need to as an access - degree system admin is ubuntu. After that comes Debian. Debian is the mommy of ubuntu as ubuntu is based upon debian. After that you need to attempt Red Hat Distro like Red Hat Linux, Fedora, CentOS, etc CentOS is the most effective for SSHing. Yet mounting the applications in Red Hat distros is an uphill struggle and also calls for some previous expertise of linux. After that after you have actually understood both after that you need to select Arch Linux, OpenSUSE. And afterwards comes Solaris. Red Hat Linux calls for a certificate (ie. cash money).

Pertaining to which variation to download and install for your web server, I would certainly favor you download and install i386 variation if your computer is 32 - little bit and also if it is 64 - little bit after that amd64. If you do not recognize after that first install 32 - little bit and afterwards examine whether it is 64 - little bit by the command:

grep - - shade = constantly - iw lm/ proc/cpuinfo

If "lm" is returned (without quotes) after that your computer is 64 - little bit or else it is 32 - little bit. ยข For more details concerning 64 - little bit and also 32 - little bit browse through:


2022-06-07 14:49:56