Switching to Ctrl+Alt+F1 and back to desktop (Ctrl+Alt+F7) : Blank Screen and garbled display

Go to tty1 with Ctrl+Alt+F1.

Return to desktop computer with Ctrl+Alt+F7

Screens remains space. Arrow adjustments from an arrowhead to a hand.

When I after that close and also re - open the cover the screen returns up yet is seriously garbled. I require to decrease all applications to make them correct. The desktop computer does not rejuvenate however and also calls for logging out and also in.

nvidia variation 173 is energetic.

What is the most effective means of triaging this?

2022-06-07 14:32:09
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alright - my ideas on attempting to triage this.

  • Is this a compiz concern? Attempt visiting as ubuntu timeless

Switch off all aesthetic results. Does the garbled display take place? Otherwise, most likely to be a compiz concern. If it does, possibly a nvidia vehicle driver concern.

Currently activate aesthetic results - Does the garbled display take place? Otherwise, after that most likely to be a Unity type concern. If it does, more probable to be a compiz concern.

  • Is this a vehicle driver concern? Shut down the nvidia vehicle driver via the Additional Drivers window. Does the garbled display take place? If it does not after that is most likely to be a nvidia vehicle driver vs compiz concern

CCSM was purposely omitted of the default install, due to the fact that it was located that customers making adjustments can make the visual display unpredictable. If you have actually been having fun with numerous CCSM establishing possibly this is your concern.

Attempt resetting compiz to its defaults:

gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz
sudo reboot --

Repeat the above to see if the concern resulted from adjustments in compiz that you might have made.

2022-06-07 14:58:17

It took a couple of reboots due to the fact that I began considering the incorrect points (log documents show no mistakes) yet the trouble exists within the nVidia vehicle driver variation 173.

173 is not the advised vehicle driver as seen in the photo and also changing back to the advised one additionally addressed the trouble.

(the 'not being used' appears to be a bug (vehicle driver remains in usage) so I am not also stressed concerning that).

2022-06-07 14:58:06