How can I set desktop icons to auto-align to the right side of the screen?

Now that unity has bench on the left side of the screen, I locate that it winds up covering desktop computer icons given that desktop computer icons vehicle straighten leading - bottom/left - right. To remedy this I require to frequently maintain dragging icons to the right to make sure that they are not below bench, yet this isn't a classy remedy as new icons will certainly be positioned as much leading - left as feasible.

Exists a means I can set the desktop computer icons in Ubuntu to vehicle - align on the appropriate side of the screen? As an example, leading - bottom/right - left?

2022-06-07 14:32:18
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this has actually been a nautilus bug given that they first brought out nautilus:

if you download and install the resource you can consider it on your own: presently tbrl (top - base - appropriate - left, the getting you desire) isn't applied and also simply makes use of tblr rather. so you need to hack it on your own or await a main solution. there appears to be very little progression in it however.

2022-06-07 16:23:05