Restoring any kind of Boot Loader to a non-booting multi-partition Vista/XP machine

I have a Dell 1210 laptop computer that was twin starting Vista (80Gig Primary Partition) with XP (20Gig dividing). I lately made use of GParted to attempt and also reduce the Vista Partition dimension and also increase the XP dividing dimension, given that I require extra XP room and also hardly ever usage Vista. While running the GParted reduce on the Vista dividing overnight, I experienced a power blackout, and also the laptop computer passed away while the reduce was still handling. This properly wrecked my Vista Partition.

Currently I intended to simply get the computer system back to a functioning problem, so I connected the laptop computer right into my UPS, damaged the Primary dividing that saved Vista, and also expanded the XP dividing to regulate the whole disk (100Gig). I additionally set the boot flag to made it possible for from GParted.

When I try too the equipment, I get: BOOTMGR is missing out on Press Cntl+Alt+Delete to reactivate.

I Googled this, and also attempted to run XP recuperation setting and also make use of the "FIXMBR" Command, yet that did not function, as I still get the very same mistake message upon reboot.

Just how can I recover the MBR/Boot Loader on this Laptop and also remain to escape of the XP dividing?

I have no Vista disk, yet I do have an XP disk.

Thanks beforehand for any kind of aid.

2022-06-07 14:32:26
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Used ERD Commander to recoup key documents, and afterwards formatted the system and also re-installed XP. Never classy, yet reliable when you merely NEED to come back up and also running.

2022-06-07 22:18:23

I've simply needed to do specifically the very same. I located this blog post handy: how-to-make-windows-bootloader-the-default

From the above, what I did was:

1) Boot from XP CD, select recuperation console¢ 2) Run fixboot¢ 3) Run fixmbr¢ 4) Restart

Worked great

2022-06-07 17:31:39

The boot field is possibly harmed also. Adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Load Your Windows Vista CD. Select the system to fix
  2. Choose the OS to fix and also when asked "Command prompt"
  3. type Bootrec.exe

That need to populate it. If fallen short for one reason or another, on phase 3, as opposed to bootrec.exe, type:

  1. / Map . Make note of the totally certified tool name to be fixed
  2. type / FixMbr fully_qualified_device_name
  3. type / FixBoot drive_letter

If that still falls short (wow!) restore the whole BCD. As opposed to the actions over, merely:

  1. type / RebuildBcd

EDIT: Without a Vista installation disk, you can make use of the XP disk and also adhere to the above approximately, and also comprehensive, FixBoot. To my expertise the XP Recovery Console does not sustain RebuildBcd.

2022-06-07 14:51:41