Public Key Auth + Kerberos

I've arrangement public key verification for making it possible for SSH link right into my college equipment. Nonetheless, it just logs me know the neighborhood equipment and also does not offer me Kerberos qualifications which I require for accessing my network folder. This creates troubles with devices like git.

Exists a means for me to instantly get Kerberos qualifications when attaching via SSH without entering my Kerberos password?

My customer equipment is OSX 10.6 and also my college equipment is Ubuntu 12.04

2022-06-07 14:32:27
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Kerberos will certainly function just if you confirm to Kerberos - made it possible for web server by password. You can:

  • set up kerberos trust fund for the inbound customer if the customer is currently confirmed by well-known world ;
  • enable GSSAPI forwarding of qualifications on ssh customer and also web server (' ssh - K', GSSAPIAuthentication for sshd), this would certainly function if web server and also customer comes from the very same kerberos domain name
2022-06-07 14:55:40