System bar not showing when using the macbuntu theme

i assume i actually require your aid in this.I've mounted ubuntu 10.10 and also this mac theme therefore much it functions penalty. Today i updated to 11.04 and also it additionally worked out. i simply become aware several of the results were gone. so i open compizconfig setups supervisor, i've attempted to enable the destop dice and also the exposition and also it motivated me of desabling somethings below and also there.¢ truthfully i went quickly could not undo what i've done and also i understand the new application launcher and also the system bar weren't revealing effectively, so i determined to reactivate my machine.After that 'drag', absolutely nothing resembled system bar, no application launcher, not food selection bar for any one of my applications not also for the console. Just how i'm mosting likely to address this set this moment.

many thanks for reviewing this and also particularly for assisting.

2022-06-07 14:32:35
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the very same point took place to me and also i assume i have your remedy (or at the very least this is what benefit me)

start up in Ubuntu timeless and also most likely to system - management - synaptic plan supervisor remove anything that concerns compiz (or anything that has compiz in the name)

currently reactivate your computer system and also start up in Ubuntu and also press ctrl alt t and also your terminal need to show up key in this line sudo proper - get install compiz after that press enter afterwards key in this line sudo proper - get install unity press enter after that sudo proper - get upgrade unity

after its done reactivate your computer system and also boot in to ubuntu and also bam every little thing is back

2022-06-07 16:23:44

It appears to me like a compiz trouble, though I might be incorrect. Attempt pushing Alt+F2 to open the fast launcher. From below you can start programs, like the compiz setups supervisor. To do this, attempt keying "ccsm" right into the launcher. There, you can switch off the dice once more. Hope this benefits you.

modify: If you can open the setups supervisor, you might intend to switch off the Unity - Plugin, and afterwards on once more.

If you can not make use of Alt+F2, possibly you can log right into a various session (Ubuntu Classic (no results)) at login and also remedy it similar to this.

2022-06-07 14:57:02

Macbuntu , according to its very own website, is not suitable with Unity . After you downloaded it, you removed it right into a directory site. If you've removed that directory site, re - download and also re - extract.

  • Open an incurable, run cd /path/to/the/macbuntu/folder/
  • In that very same incurable, run./

This needs to remove Macbuntu . If it does not, please read its README and/or speak to the programmer for assistance.

Currently we require to deal with Unity.

  • Most likely to the incurable and also type gksu synaptic. You will certainly be motivated for your password
  • Type Unity in the fast filter bar

  • Right click the Unity plan (in the checklist in the center of the window), and also pick Mark for Reinstallation

  • Click the use switch, and also await the adjustments to end up

  • Close Synaptic, and also the incurable. You might require to log out and also back in to see the adjustments
2022-06-07 14:53:31