Why won't my files push to my SFTP server?

I'm having problem pressing my branch to an SFTP web server. I'm adhering to the guidelines here.

When I push the branch, every little thing appears to finish efficiently. I get the message "Created new branch.", and also if I do "bzr push" once more, it claims "No new alterations to push." But when I ssh to the SFTP web server to consider the directory site I placed my branch in, just the.bzr directory site exists. None of my files exist. Does any person have any kind of suggestion why this could be?

2022-06-07 14:32:35
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My trouble was resolved on Launchpad. Below are several of the solutions (extracted from the Launchpad question):

From bzr help push:


The target branch will certainly not have its functioning tree booming due to the fact that this is both pricey, and also is not sustained on remote documents systems.

Some clever web servers or methods might place the functioning tree in position in the future.

You could intend to adhere to this howto to release a full bzr - loggerhead remote web server

Also, and also simply if you require a functioning tree in your sftp web server you can run bzr update as received working-tree is aid:

If you intend to have a functioning tree on a remote equipment that you push to you can either run bzr update in the remote branch after each push, or make use of a few other method to upgrade the tree throughout the push. There is an rspush plugin that will certainly upgrade the functioning tree making use of rsync along with doing a push. There is additionally a push-and-update plugin that automates running bzr update using SSH after each push.

Look here if your SFTP web server does not permit mounting bzr or hooks right into the database. For internet growth, I am making use of sshfs to maintain the general public variation upgraded.

For placing, you will certainly intend to make use of the alternatives -o idmap=user,workaround=rename to map the remote customer to on your own, and also function around a concern with relabeling onto an existing documents in the SFTP protocol.

To sum it up right into commands


sudo apt-get install fuse-utils sshfs

Mount dir

mkdir ~/sftp.my-site.org


sshfs [email protected]: ~/sftp.my-site.org -o idmap=user,workaround=rename

Run upgrade

cd ~/sftp.my-site.org; bzr update


  • Replace "sftp - username" with your customer name at the SFTP web server
  • Replace "sftp.my - site.org" with the SFTP web server name
  • Make certain to include the routing colon: after the web server name if making use of the residence directory site there
2022-06-08 03:37:42