How to customize file filtering in Unity dash

I'm obtaining made use of to a new means of operating in Unity and also am actually appreciating it. The hardest point I encounter currently is tweaking it to make sure that it functions as perfectly as feasible. Presumably, customisation is really minimal.

extremely+f - > filter to show records. Hmmm. One of the most usual record layout I make use of after.txt files is.lyx files. They actually are records. They look a little bit miserable down in the 'various other' group. Exists any kind of means to transform this?

What I would certainly actually such as is to make records the default, due to the fact that 'current' obtains entirely filled out with images.

2022-06-07 14:33:01
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In 11.10 you can filter your outcomes to match the documents type you are seeking.

Open the Dash and also select the Find Files tab.

You can after that select the filter results fall arrowhead and afterwards highlight the Documents tab, in the search area you can type the documents expansion for the sort of record you are seeking.

You can better filter by last changed.

This additionally benefits Audio, Images, Video is, etc.

2022-07-07 22:31:27