How does iperf calculate throughput and jitter?

I've read that iperf primarily attempts to send as much details down a link as promptly as feasible coverage on the throughput attained. This device is specifically valuable in establishing the quantity of information that connects in between 2 equipments can provide.

Is it feasible to collect the very same outcomes by sending out normal information, as in not examining information?

What I'm attempting to do is this ; sending out information in the foreground while in the back ground collect data (throughput and also jitter).

So can any person inform me just how iperf computes these 2 values?

2022-06-07 14:33:10
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I located this formula specified in RFC 3550 for the RTP (Real Time Protocol). It coincides method made use of to compute the Jitter in RTC:

allow is claim Si is the RTP timestamp from package i, and also Ri is the moment of arrival in RTP timestamp devices for package i, after that for 2 packages i and also j, D might be shared as

D(i,j) = (Rj - Ri) - (Sj - Si) = (Rj - Sj) - (Ri - Si)

2022-07-06 21:49:57

You can make use of the --fileinput alternative of iperf to send details information. If you do not intend to make use of iperf, it will certainly get extra difficult. You can make use of sar to gauge network throughput, yet not jitter. If you intend to gauge jitter on your own, you can consider RFC 3393.

2022-06-07 14:57:32