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Sometimes I have problem locating certain documents. Does any person have any kind of basic pointers?

I locate myself in this scenario regularly: A writer referrals a paper. I locate it on MathSciNet and also read the abstract. I after that understand I intend to read the paper. After that I can not locate the paper.

Exists any kind of far better strategy besides simply making use of Google Scholar, Google, the writer is page, JStor and also MathSciNet? I go to a University, and also have some accessibility to brochures.

Especially I intended to read this yet I can not appear to do it online.

Many thanks a whole lot!

Update: I wound up locating the paper by talking with a Professor I recognize that had a PDF accessible. None of the web links listed below bring about the proper paper, which is why I have actually declined a solution.

2022-06-07 14:33:18
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Here's the method I used for this search. Most of the time, it works; although I kept hitting dead ends in this case :( , I hope that similar methods might help people wishing to do journal searches.

One particularly good search engine I use when presented with the name of a journal is JournalSeek. (There is also OJOSE, but I've personally found it cumbersome to use.) In this case, typing expositiones mathematicae netted this page, which links to the archives of Elsevier.

If I hadn't known about the exact name of the journal and only had the abbreviation Exposition. Math. to start with, I'd have used JAS. (The ads are bothersome, sure, but it's free!) This nets me the name I can now give to JournalSeek.

Most of the time, I get to the paper's source with this approach. Unfortunately, our luck runs out here upon looking at ScienceDirect, since only volumes 19 and onward are in digital format. :( (Maybe somebody can bug Elsevier to finish digitizing their archives for this journal... ;) )

So the publisher's site was a dead end. We try searching for web pages of the authors. Some legwork through Google netted this page and this page for Moree. His coauthor, Cazaran, does not seem to have a current web page, even after I tried searching under her new surname, Vertigan. LinkedIn points to her being at LSU, but she does not have a web page there.

Proceeding with Moree's home page, his new home page gives a PDF listing his complete work, but nothing before 2000. Checking his old page links to a page where the required article might be, but we luck out here and the link's kaput. As a last resort, we try checking the Wayback Machine, in the hopes that their crawler managed to grab something before that page went kaput. We see here the page, and it looks as if there used to be a DVI of that paper. Unfortunately the links to the DVI here do not work. (Most times, though, the Wayback Machine manages to grab PDF/PS/DVI/whatever files, unless a robots.txt file with the appropriate lines was in place.)

So, this particular paper chase ended up as a wash, but the tools I have linked to above have been particularly helpful in most other cases.

2022-06-10 16:34:54

A supplement to @J. M.'s solution: a feasible reason that the paper is disappeared is due to the fact that the journal does not have the on-line variation approximately that year (which is an embarassment, it is just 1999)

Hence the opportunity of searching for that certain paper relies on people' initiative to check it and also toss it onto internet someplace and also wishing that page would certainly be indexed.

2022-06-10 16:34:44

One point we carried out in the Olden Days most likely to the collection. An additional was contact the writer.

2022-06-07 15:02:50

It might deserve taking into consideration ResearchGate.

2022-06-07 14:56:17


Actually, I simply attempted looking once more, and also thought of this PDF, by Moree, with very same title wish it aids (I enjoy looking into things!) Below is what could be the paper you are seeking (very same writer, title as the write-up you are seeking): arXiv: Moree, pdf.

Certainly, you might still desire a duplicate of the released write-up, and also otherwise readily available at your college, asking for an inter - collection financing (xerox of released write-up) would certainly be your best choice. In the meanwhile, you can read the arXiv write-up?

You can locate the write-up at SpringerLink here. There, the write-up of passion is readily available to people for acquisition, though it would certainly deserve examining if your Uni has institutional accessibility if you can wait!

Additionally, I've had all the best with Google, Google Scholar, writers pages emailing writer (yes it functions, I've had remarkable experiences in this way!).

UPDATE 2: Please make certain to scroll to read J.M.'s "process" blog post ; it deserves the read in regards to coming close to a look for scholastic magazines!

2022-06-07 14:51:27