Switched graphics cards and lost Unity

I was having significant Xorg cold troubles with my ATI Graphics card - yet Unity was filling.

So I eliminated it for a new Nvidia card. Throughout the first boot - up prior to I can install the Nvidia drivers, I obtained a message that claimed "Your equipment can not sustain Unity, so you will certainly be filled right into Classic Ubuntu".

Ever since I've mounted the main Nvidia drivers and also every little thing is running wonderful, yet I can not get Unity to reactivate.

Every single time I reboot or login / logout I still get Gnome, also when I'm selecting "Ubuntu" from the login food selection.

Any kind of pointers?

2022-06-07 14:33:25
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There appear to be troubles with several nVidia cards, numerous are blacklisted from propietary drivers, and also their customers are advised to make use of Unity 2D in the meanwhile. Please run in a terminal:

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

and also upload the result to get a far better medical diagnosis. I think your video clip card is reasonably new, so the trouble is more than likely vehicle driver - relevant.

Conversely, you can compel Unity 3D by including


to your/ etc/environment documents, which will certainly bypass assistance check and also start Unity anyways. If your video clip card is unsupported/blacklisted, however, you could experience a decrease in performance, aesthetic artefacts, etc.

2022-06-07 22:08:38