How to keep programs from launching maximized?

Every time I release a program, claim firefox, it begins made best use of, just how can I maintain this from taking place. Its so ludicrous that they have this as the default.

2022-06-07 14:33:43
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Just to flag up that the vehicle - make best use of percent is currently configurable in 11.10 in ccsm (the CompizConfig Settings Manager). Idiotically, it is tough - coded in 11.04 regardless of there having actually been concerns with what the percent need to be early on (initially it was 60%, individuals whined, and also the answer was to transform the value as opposed to do the noticeable point of making it configurable as this is plainly mosting likely to be customer - and also system - details). I have not located a hassle-free means to back - port the solution to 11.04. (You can constantly update, certainly.)

Yet on 11.10:

  • Install ccsm if you do not currently have it (bizarrely, it is not mounted by default)
  • Run it
  • Go to Desktop
  • Click Ubuntu Unity Plugin
  • Go to the Experimental tab and also you need to see this:. Set the Auto - make best use of value to 100% to entirely disable it, or simply to a greater percent if you like the actions yet the default 75% is the incorrect value for you


2022-06-24 23:18:56

To repair this with Unity 2d, do this on the command line:

gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/auto_maximize_windows -t bool false

Or, launch gconf - editor and also adjustment that key to incorrect.

This frustrated the hell out of me, too.: (The solution is various for unity 2d than for 3d unity,

2022-06-08 02:19:26

Install "Advanced Desktop Effect Settings" (ccsm) via the software program facility and also launch it.

Scroll to "Window Management" and also deselect "Snapping Windows" and also "Grid". This will certainly disable breaking to the sides of the screen and also make best use of when you get to the edges.

Better you can determine whether to start windows focused, clever - located or if they need to constantly be made best use of etc in "Place Windows" which is additionally under "Window Management"

2022-06-07 19:06:21

Unity was made to vehicle - make best use of windows if they occupy a particular quantity of screen room. To my expertise not each and every single window does this, yet a lot of them will. Presently there is no other way to disable this in Unity 2D, yet you can disable grid in ccsm, or you can modify the values to your taste, to prevent this maximization.

Basically, you can disable the leading side (set it to none) to stay clear of windows vehicle making best use of.

2022-06-07 18:57:38

Found this in this thread, examined it, and also it appears to be real.

You require to open the application, resize the window so it is listed below 75% of the screen dimension, after that close the application. By default any kind of window over 75% will certainly be maxed when opening up. - mc4man

Also, according to the very same string, this actions can just be transformed by editing and enhancing unity resource and also recompiling. Not the solution we had actually like to listen to

2022-06-07 14:55:45