So, what did happen on that drunken night anyway?

So, I have "A Night to Remember" as one of my (much) open side - pursuits as I'm lazily discovering some arbitrary woody location I discovered

Then, I find Witchmist Grove, where I locate a Hagraven. Weird feature of this Hagraven is that she was in fact called (Moira, I assume) and also really did not quickly go aggro on me.¢ ¢ After her first lines, my punctual offers an alternative to ask her concerning a ring I (the gamer) presently have no remembrance of. She decreases to hand it over, apparently envious of a few other Hagraven I've additionally declined, and also after that begins to strike me.¢ ¢ After I beat her and also loot the remains, I currently have a wedding celebration ring which have to have been the topic of our fiasco.

As if the experience had not been weird sufficient until now

Suddenly, I get 2 pursuit purposes quickly finished: ¢ ¢ - Ask concerning Sam and also the team in Rorikstead.¢ - Take the wedding celebration ring.

Before this factor, I recognized I had the previous purpose to finish, yet had not navigated to it. Probably, the previous would certainly have brought about expertise of the last so currently I actually seem like I've lost out on something.

Could a person fill in the voids for me?

P.S.: In possibly unconnected information, I'm currently dealing with a dragon not much from where this all took place. I'm certain that is not an unusual event, other than this set appears oddly experienced at flying in reverse !

2022-06-07 14:33:43
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After approving to join an alcohol consumption competition with Sam Guevenne, you would certainly have passed out and also woken in the Temple of Dibella. There you would certainly been advised to clean up the mess you made prior to the priestess agrees to inform you where Sam is, that probably has the team you won from him in the competition.

Upon finishing this tiny job, she will certainly hint that you need to explore Rorikstead, and also after finishing the job you run into there, you will certainly be routed to an additional NPC in Whiterun, that offers you an additional job for which you will certainly require the ring. Regarding I can inform, you have not damaged the story, yet have actually comfortably located a thing you will certainly require later on.

Especially, what would certainly have taken place in between what you've done and also where the pursuit was upgraded to is (SPOILERS):

In Rorikstead, you would certainly have been challenged by an irritated farmer that requires you bring a goat you marketed to a titan while intoxicated. You can bypass this via persuasion or follow his needs. In return, he states you were sputtering something concerning marrying and also Whiterun. Taking a trip to Whiterun, you'll talk with a seller that asks you concerning cash you owe her for a wedding celebration ring she marketed you the previous evening. You have the alternative to choose the wedding celebration ring and also return it - - taking a trip to where you anticipate to locate your new bride - to - be, you locate the hagraven, which is where you mistakenly can be found in to the tale

The dragon - flying - in reverse bug was presented by the 1.2 spot, and also was with any luck fixed in the 1.3 spot.

2022-06-07 14:55:02