How to setup an outlook rule on a remote machine(s)

I require to arrangement a personalized Outlook 2007 regulation and also push it to a system (s) without customer communication. I do NOT have accessibility to the Exchange web server. Just how would certainly I do this? Reg key?

Many thanks, - Mathew

2022-06-07 14:33:48
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make use of the OCT (workplace customisation device) to release Outlook 2007.

2022-06-08 05:51:49

Outlook internet accessibility (webmail) will certainly permit you to login as that customer and also set up a regulation on the Exchange web server.

2022-06-08 01:56:08

Outlook regulations made use of to be housed on the customer running Outlook in earlier variations of Outlook in a documents called a.rwz documents. Since Outlook 2007 these are no more made use of as they are currently saved on the web server rather. Nonetheless the only means I recognize of would certainly call for the customer to do an import of the.rwz documents, which after that duplicates the setups up to the web server. So to address without communication there is no other way of doing this that I recognize of.

The.RWZ documents would certainly without a doubt exist if it was moved from an additional equipment or the software program was updated from an additional variation of Outlook.

Regarding obtaining it to an additional equipment that can be done a myriad of means, yet would certainly still call for customer treatment to import the.rwz

2022-06-07 15:43:24