After unsubscribing, should I still have access to Foxtel on the Xbox 360?

On my Xbox Live account a while back I had Foxtel. I overcame it / really did not have time for it after a pair months of spending for this solution and also I eliminated it from my account.

I have not been billed for it given that, so I'm considering it shut / null / gap.

Last evening out of pure being also weary to assume effectively I picked Foxtel from the major food selection, which has actually lately been upgraded user interface sensible.

I really did not understand till concerning 20 mins later on yet I had the ability to watch fairly a variety of networks despite the fact that I really did not have a Foxtel registration.

I'm currently worried that this has actually instantly resubscribed me to my old strategy and also will certainly begin billing me.

Is this the instance, or exist simply a couple of networks that are free? (Seems unusual if so). I assumed it could subtract Microsoft Points or comparable per hr yet that does not appear to have actually held true.

2022-06-07 14:33:57
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Although it is not likely that accessing the application resubscribed you to a previous solution degree, it is possibly best to check and also see to it. The only means to access the Xbox assimilation setups for Foxtel is using the Foxtel website.

Apparently Sky News is free to anyone that has the Foxtel application on their Xbox, so if that is all you took care of to accessibility, you could have been simply having fun with a free sneak peek.

Past that I would certainly recommend calling them throughout regular organization hrs, making use of among the phone numbers on their internet site.

It is totally feasible that it is a blunder in your support, yet that is generally not the means these points often tend to go, and also obtaining any kind of costs ironed out currently is mosting likely to be less complicated than waiting to see if you ever before get a costs.

2022-06-07 14:57:14