Is it realistic to run Windows Server 2008 with 1GB of RAM?

I am nearly to "invest" in an economical Windows 2008 VPS ($ 30 each month!) which features 1GB.

Prior to I do that I assumed I would certainly ask if its practical to anticipate an useful web server with only 1GB of RAM?

I plan to utilize it for light development/prototyping job which suggests 5 - 10 tiny internet sites working on IIS 7 npls.NET 3.5+SQL 2008 Express. If any one of my suggestions remove I will certainly be updating the RAM certainly, yet I am simply interested whether the web server would certainly be maimed or unbearably slow-moving with just 1GB, etc.

I intend having SQL on the very same web server might be the largest trouble


UPDATE: Forgot to state that its 64 - little bit windows if that makes a lot of a distinction to memory needs. Evidently its additionally Enterprise version (probably I should disable some attributes on this version?)

2022-06-07 14:34:12
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As you've appropriately seen, SQL is most likely to be your largest memory problem, nonetheless if your just utilizing it for marginal data sources, and also its tuned appropriately you need to be alright. Its never ever mosting likely to be extremely quickly, but also for a growth setting, it needs to be alright.

2022-06-07 14:55:50

I have a W2k8 (Hyper - V VM) internet server with 1GB of RAM and also it appears rather sprightly. I additionally run a mail relay on it. It reports really little free memory yet around 300MB in the cache, which would certainly be readily available if applications required it.


2022-06-07 14:55:47

I as soon as had an examination web server for growth with an arrangement like your own and also I in addition utilized it as incurable web server. It was not really quickly, yet it was absolutely feasible to collaborate with it.

I was positivly stunned with the efficiency, contrasted to just how Vista equipments act with 1 GB of RAM.

2022-06-07 14:55:29

My 32bit domain name controller visitors with DNS are great with 256MB ram running Server 2008, provided they are web server cores yet alas, the OS is rather slim despite having the GUI the IIS with.NET nonetheless appears instead starving to me - the SQL you can tune down. It will certainly function great for growth, it will not be excruciating unless there is something incorrect.

2022-06-07 14:55:25

You need to get away with 1GB of RAM for a tiny dev web server, it absolutely will not blow any person away speed up sensible yet you should not have any kind of concerns running numerous tiny, reduced website traffic growth internet sites.

One point you have to look out for is SQL Server consuming all readily available RAM - exchanging this out takes cycles and also is noticable. To restrict the ram use, log right into SQL Server making use of SSMS, appropriate click the SQL Server in the left hand pane and also pick buildings. Most likely to the memory tab, and also set the Maximum Server Memory to something like 256MB or 512MB. It seriously aids.

2022-06-07 14:53:29