Motivation for the Mapping Class Group

Question: What is the motivation for researching the mapping class team? Specifically, what sorts of inquiries does it try to address and also what sort of stable is it?

Motivation for this Question: Recently I've seen a variety of referrals to points which think expertise of the mapping class team. I've tried to web page via Dan Margalit and also Benson Farbs' book on the topic along with check out the wikipedia web page for it, yet both resources offer the motivation as simply "what it is" in contrast to, candidly, "why should I respect this."

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A number of points come to mind. One is that if you want $3$ - manifolds, after that the research of the mapping class team is one of the most all-natural point worldwide. This is due to the fact that any kind of portable linked $3$ - manifold has a Heegard disintegration as the union of 2 handlebodies glued along their border. Hence the homeomorphism sort of the $3$ - manifold is regulated incidentally the borders of both handlebodies are recognized, Ie. the $3$ - manifold relies on the automorphism $\phi\colon \Sigma_g\to\Sigma_g$ of the border $\Sigma_g=\partial H_g$ of a category $g$ handlebody. Actually, the homeomorphism type just relies on the isotopy class of $\phi$. So every mapping class generates a $3$ - manifold!

The various other motivation that enters your mind is that a mapping class team of an $n$ - pierced disk is isomorphic to the pure pigtail team on $n$ hairs, which possibly is extra clearly of passion. (I claim "a" mapping class team, due to the fact that you need to define what takes place to the border of the pierced disk, generating various variations of the mapping class team, among which is the pure pigtail team.)

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The mapping class team (in category $g$) is the basic team of the moduli room of portable Riemann surface areas of category $g$. Without a doubt, the last room is the ratio of a contractible room (Teichmuller room) by the mapping class team. Consequently a great deal of the geometry of this moduli room is inscribed in the mapping class team.

This is clarified in the first 1 or 2 web pages of the first phase of (variation 5.0 of) Farb and also Margalit is publication.

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With the threat of being repetitive, I'll try to offer my solution, if for nothing else factor than to aid myself. However, the most effective individuals to address this inquiry are possibly individuals that make use of yet do not specifically research mapping class teams.

The mapping class team is a team one links to a surface area, and also it holds true that it identifies 2 surface areas that are "visually different." However, I do not assume this is where truth efficiency of it exists. For one point, it is a team of homeomorphisms approximately equivalence (isotopy), so researching the mapping class permits us to claim that the homeomorphisms of 2 surface areas are various (or at the very least among them has "more" or various partnerships in between them). This is still not the "best" usage for the mapping class team however.

As stated in Matt E is solution, algebraic geometry is regularly curious about moduli room, and also the mapping class team is the basic team of moduli room. Consequently it links in between algebraic geometry and also the research of surface areas.

Yet what it actually comes down to is the mapping class team is a team of isotopy courses of homeomorphisms and also will certainly turn up at any time you intend to review homeomorphisms of a surface area and also usually when you intend to review homeomorphisms of greater measurement and also it behaves to have buildings of such a team at any time you intend to speak about homeomorphisms. One point I'm interested in, as an example, is connecting homeomorphisms of a base room and also complete room of a covering room and also the mapping class team offers a language for this.

I assume the Farb and also Margalit publication does a wonderful work of encouraging and also actually, is what first interested me in the subject.

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