Presenting Flash web content in a C# WinForms application

What is the most effective means to present Flash web content in a C# WinForms application? I would love to create a customer control (comparable to the existing PictureBox) that will certainly have the ability to present photos and also flash web content.

It would certainly be wonderful to be able to load the flash web content from a stream of types as opposed to a documents on disk.

2019-05-07 01:01:50
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While I have not made use of a flash object inside a windows create application myself, I do recognize that it's feasible. In Visual workshop on your tool kit, pick to add a new part. After that in the new window that shows up pick the " COM Components" tab to get a checklist in which you can locate the " Shockwave Flash Object"

Once included in the tool kit, merely make use of the control as you would certainly make use of any kind of various other "typical" control from aesthetic workshop.

3 straightforward commands are readily available to connect with the control :

  • AxShockwaveFlash1.Stop ()
  • AxShockwaveFlash1.Movie = FilePath & " \ FileName.swf"
  • AxShockwaveFlash1.Play ()

which, I assume, are all self informative.

It would certainly be wonderful to be able to load the flash web content from a stream of types as opposed to a documents on disk.

I simply saw you are additionally seeking a method to load the web content from a stream, and also due to the fact that I'm not actually certain that is feasible with the shockwave flash object I will certainly offer you an additional alternative (2 in fact).

the first is the one I would certainly suggest you to make use of just when essential, as it makes use of the complete blown " webbrowser part" (additionally readily available as an added tool kit thing), which resembles attempting to fire a fly with a bazooka. certainly it will certainly function, as the control will certainly work as a real browser window (in fact the net traveler internet browser), yet its not actually suggested to be made use of in the means you require it.

the 2nd alternative is to make use of something I simply uncovered while seeking even more details concerning playing flash web content inside a windows create. F-IN-BOX is a business remedy that will certainly additionally play web content from an offered internet site URL. (The link given will certainly route you to the.NET code you need to make use of).

2019-05-08 21:33:31

Sven, you got to the very same verdict as I did : I located the Shockwave Flash Object, all be it from a somewhat various course, yet was puzzled on just how to load the documents from someplace apart from documents on disk/URL. The F-IN-BOX, although simply a wrapper of the Shockwave Flash Object appears to give far more capability, which might simply aid me!

Capturing flys with bazookas might be enjoyable, yet an embeded internet brower is not the course that I am seeking. :)

There was a link on Adobe's website that spoke about "Embedding and also Communicating with the Macromedia Flash Player in C# Windows Applications" yet they appear to have actually eliminated it : (

2019-05-08 20:34:51