Is it possible to create a faster computer from many computers?

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Initial Question: How can I make use of numerous computer systems to create a much faster setting? I have around 12 computer systems with 4GB each and also 2GHz each. I require to run time consuming information change and also would love to make use of the mixed power of these equipments. They are all running Win2003 web server.

Primarily we have a lot of video clip documents that we require to change so our experts can do their evaluation. The trouble is made complex by the reality I can not inform you extra concerning the task.

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2022-06-07 14:34:21
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As others have actually claimed it depends what you are attempting to do and also just how uncomplicated it is to execute in parallel.

Amdahl's law and Gustafson's law define the quantity of rate - up as the implementation is dispersed throughout even more cpus.

2022-06-07 15:04:05

It is feasible, yet there would certainly be a reasonable quantity of job associated with constructing a cluster. It is hard to claim even more without even more details

2022-06-07 15:01:19

To incorporate the handling power of numerous equipments your mosting likely to intend to run some type of clustering software program, usually called a calculate or calculating cluster. Some instances of applicaitons that can do this are:

These are nonetheless made complex littles software program, developing an useful high performance cluster is a difficult and also possibly pricey work and also needs to not be taken on gently. Your additionally mosting likely to require unique software program that can run on a cluster to do your job. You can not merely connect a number of windows computer systems with each other and also amazingly make a cluster, and also install a typical number of Windows applications on it.

2022-06-07 15:01:15

The bulk of the largest computer systems on earth are huge collections of several specific nodes, each of which is usually ver a lot a typical web server.

See, especially the failure by style:

2022-06-07 14:59:51

The response to your inquiry depends greatly on the software program you are making use of to "transform" these video clip documents, and also what that requires.

Adobe After results has a type of clustering setting they call "network render" yet it isn't an excellent remedy. (last time I examined it entailed providing your video clip bent on an visualize series , which would certainly after that probably require to be recombined right into a video clip for your usage)

That keynote is to break up the flick right into portions and also get a various computer working with each portion:

  • There need to be some command - line video clip inscribing devices that have alternatives to just refining a particular series of structures ; this can automate the splitting.

  • Each portion can be replicated to a various common folder (once more rather very easy to automate)

  • Each of the computer remains in your "farm" would certainly be considering among these shared folders for a resource video clip to change. (Very very easy thinking the software program doing the makeover has a function to "watch a folder", yet a set documents / shell manuscript can possibly be rigged up for this)

Without recognizing the nature of the video clip "transformation", what software program you are making use of, or the degree of scripting/programming available, it will certainly be difficult to comment better.

2022-06-07 14:58:56

what you are "creating" is not "a much faster computer", yet a cluster . which is absolutely nothing greater than a team of computer systems made use of with each other.

IOW, what you need to do is to create some program that works on each of your computer systems, and also executes component of the trouble.

In your details instance, you have several documents to change. if each documents can be changed individually of the others, it is virtually very easy: disperse them amongst the equipments and also placed them all to change their very own documents.

2022-06-07 14:58:06

A cluster of computer systems functions well when you can claim

Can I have a person rest at each computer system and also do component of the trouble, and also will that speed up points up? To put it simply, can the trouble be divided right into portions that are primarily independent?

Considered that you define the trouble as "a lot of video documents to transform", yes, this would certainly work with a cluster.

Microsoft does have clustering software program that I recognize absolutely nothing around. It could be the means to go.

Possibly less complicated would certainly be:

Dedicate one computer system as the master. All the remainder are customers.

Place all your video documents on this master in a folder.

Make a common folder per customer and also have each customer place that shared folder.

The customers run some windows scripting language (perl would certainly function) which awakens periodically, and also, if something remains in the common folder, relabels it to work_yourfilenamehere and also runs your change. When it is done it relabels it to done_yourfilenamehere. Otherwise, simply await 60 secs approximately.

The master computer system runs a manuscript which searches in each of the common folders. If they have absolutely nothing in them after that placed one documents to be changed. If they have actually a documents called done_yourfilenamehere after that relocate to the done folder. Loop till absolutely nothing is left in the master folder.

Primarily all the customers need to be maintained as active as feasible, with each customer taking what ever before time they required to change each documents.

2022-06-07 14:57:48

What you are inquiring about goes to the core of a significant inquiry in calculating today. Person handling cores aren't going to get much quicker, so we require designers to start creating code that damages bigger troubles down right into smaller sized troubles that can be refined in parallel on numerous computer systems.

Brief solution for you: If your handling software program permits you to damage work apart and also run them in parallel currently after that do that. If it does not, after that talk with individuals that created it concerning having them re - device it to operate in an extra identical style.

The technicians of obtaining the information bent on the specific computer systems, launching identical jobs, seeing to it the work in fact ended up, and also bringing the information back is a great deal of what the cluster monitoring software program that posters are stating does. There are some non - unimportant troubles entailed, yet as a whole cluster monitoring software program has to do with work organizing and also source monitoring. The cluster monitoring software program does not take care of in fact doing the parallel job - - that is what your "processing software" is mosting likely to need to do.

There is no "magic" that you can toss at a team of numerous computer systems to make them "act like" a solitary faster equipment. You are not going to get out of this w/o having software program that is constructed to capitalize on numerous cpus out of eviction.

2022-06-07 14:57:29