SQL Server Express 2008 Not Starting Automatically after Power Off

One of our customers has a Windows 2008 Hyper - V instance organized by CrystalTech, and also occasionally the moms and dad Hyper - V web server is reactivated without the youngster VM is being shut down effectively.

Therefore, when the web server returns on-line, the SQL Server Express solution in the VM does not start, despite the fact that it is set for Automatic. There are no mistake access in case log. If you reboot the web server generally, SQL Server Express begins itself simply penalty.

Has any person had this concern? Any kind of pointers for settling it?

On a side note, does any person have any kind of wonderful scripts/methods for alerts to be emailed when the web server closes down all of a sudden?

On an additional side note, does any person recognize any kind of excellent hosts for Hyper - V VM's?

2022-06-07 14:34:24
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I had the very same trouble. In my instance I uncovered that the solution SQL Server Browser, which gives SQL Server link details to customer computer systems, had actually in some way been transformed to Disabled. Transformed its building to Automatic and also every little thing began generally once more.

2022-07-05 20:16:09

Very weird. I assume there is something weird taking place below. If you have TechNet or MSDN, I would certainly melt an instance with MS to address this. There could be some unfamiliarity with your setting or default Windows or SQL Server install that is creating this.

One point you can do is set a Task scheduler thing as kept in mind over to start it up.

If you set a reactivate the solution on failing, will that function?

2022-06-08 04:18:59

Do all various other solutions start up?

I'm shocked that it isn't also attempting to start. Have you looked for numerous circumstances? I have actually seen individuals assume there is just 1 instance when there are even more and also they are examining the incorrect one.

There isn't any kind of basic reason that SQL share need to not start. A VM crash resembles a tough power off for SQL, and also commonly it reactivates itself.

I could additionally seek a solution dependence. I would certainly anticipate SQL Server to be at the origin of the dependence chain, yet it is feasible it relies on another thing.

2022-06-07 15:03:26

What concerning setting up an application to go for start-up that simply look for SQL running, and also begins it otherwise existing? You can also configure it to run under Task scheduler, occasionally.

2022-06-07 14:49:52