How does GDM configuration work?

There go to the very least 2 means to set up GDM I recognize of:

  1. is the /etc/gdm/custom.conf documents that can be either hand modified or modified throu GUI gdmsetup. Autologin and also timed login are set up below
  2. are the gconf schemas under/ apps/gdm/ Those can be edite with gconf - editor running either as origin or as a regular customer. I presume editing and enhancing it as an informal customer does not have any kind of influence given that GDM runs as origin. Audio to name a few points can be switched off below

Are there otherwise? GDM rejects to allow me autologin (on a fresh Natty install) (it does not request for password, it just desires that I select myself as a customer at the login screen despite the fact that I am the only customer on this computer system).

Various other intriguing point is that also if I remove GDM, its setups (consisting of the custom.conf) do not transform. Consequently there appears no other way to reset GDM is setups.

BTW: my custom.conf is as adheres to (attracted is my customer):


Edit: Ha, possibly it is not a configuration concern nevertheless yet a bug:

2022-06-07 14:34:37
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I am not in fact certain if there are various other means or otherwise to set up GDM, yet it appears my inquiry was triggered with this bug:

If so, gdmsetup configures what there is to set up concerning GDM, GDM just does not take autologing right into account if ecryptfs is made use of.

2022-06-07 17:29:20