Ubuntu 11.04 and ATI Catalyst 11.5 graphics artifacts

I have actually mounted ATI Catalyst 11.5 vehicle driver (fglrx) on my laptop computer with Ubuntu 11.04 and also switchable - graphics modern technology (ATI Mobility Radeon HD5470). Every little thing appears ok, fglrxinfo reveals my distinct video clip card working, glxgears reveals virtually 2000fps, Unity functions, no visual troubles etc But when i attempt to play video games, i.e. Heroes Of Newerth (it has indigenous linux customer), my display screen are all packed with visual blinking artefacts, I assume you what I am speaking about.

Just how can I repair this?

Included later on: Also I saw, that when I playing video clip online using flash gamer it functions excellent, yet when I expand it to complete screen, it starts to blink and also various other aggravating artefacts

Added a little bit later: The trouble is any kind of application (video clip, video game, etc) in Fullscreen setting. I attempted to mark off "Full Screen Mode" in video game, and also there were no artefacts in all, yet have some routine delays

2022-06-07 14:34:38
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After I entirely re-install Ubuntu 11.04, and also mounted from square one Catalyst 11.7, every bug disappered. So currently I appreciate pc gaming, video clip and also various other points in Ubuntu.

2022-06-09 11:41:42

Hmm Have had a couple of troubles with ATI is vehicle driver. Have you tried to attempt to make use of the control centre that features ATI vehicle driver

You made use of to be able to accessibility it from the terminal:

DISPLAY =:0 amdcccle

You can additionally probably look at the solutions that they carry the frequently asked question on the ATI stimulant Linux website below:

ATI Linux site

2022-06-07 15:00:52