How to save currently playing radio station?

If I go a a URL like in Firefox, the internet browser motivates me to load a *. pls submit in Banshee. When filled, this efficiently plays the radio terminal in Banshee. Just how can I conserve this radio terminal completely, to make sure that I do not need to go the website to cause it?

I find out about the "Add a new Internet Radio station" switch and also window, yet I would love to have the ability to "save" or "bookmark" the presently playing terminal, as opposed to needing to remove the web links myself.

2022-06-07 14:34:40
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Answers: 1

1 - In Banshee click Add A New Internet Station Or Playlist

2 - Then in the Stream URL area duplicate and also paste:

3 - In the Station Name enter the terminal name

4 - In the Station Genre go down - down food selection pick from the checklist

For some unidentified factor you require to load the Station Genre in prior to it will certainly permit you to conserve the terminal.

5 - Click Save

I have actually simply examined this and also it functions, also after I have actually reactivated Banshee the radio terminal I included existed and also was functioning flawlessly.

2022-06-08 03:03:42