What is a Quick and Understandable PROCMAIL Way of Allowing POP Mailbox users to turn on and off Vaction AutoReply

I've simply acquired an Undocumented Linux File and also Mail Server. In the previous week, I examined and also uncovered numerous points that had actually been disregarded for some time (logins still energetic but also for lengthy gone staff members, etc). I dealt with and also recorded these

I additionally uncovered that individuals have actually obtained made use of to having 'IT' activate and also off trip vehicle reply for email accounts (via.procmailrc ). I do rule out regulating one is trip vehicle reply to be a management jobs and also I look for to promptly place this under customer control.

Can a person aid me realize onto a strategy to automate this attribute? ( Difficulty: I'm not really accustomed to procmail )

2022-06-07 14:34:47
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Have an appearance at usermin. It is internet - based, planned for end - customers and also can be made use of to edit.procmailrc documents and also set up mail forwarding and also vehicle - replies (and also far more).

BTW, if you simply desire trip vehicle - replies, I assume you can additionally make use of the vacation program.

2022-06-07 18:53:17

Well, there is a GUI procmail regulation building contractor:


Haven't utilized it, yet looks encouraging

You could additionally take into consideration mounting a webmail plan, such as SquirrelMail. It has plugins for autoreplies.

2022-06-07 15:00:59