Libraries used by C# executables

I am having a trouble when I attempt to run C# executables (assembled with mono C# compiler at 10.10 web server) inside a chroot prison. In order to run the executable inside the prison I require to include the correct libraries. To do that I make use of ldd for C, C+npls, Pascal and also various other languages. However this will not benefit C# documents ("ldd hello.exe" states that hello.exe is not a vibrant executable). Which libraries do C# executables make use of? Or do you recognize just how ca I locate them?

2022-06-07 14:34:51
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Almost every little thing that you are seeking remains in:


It would certainly be tough to just get components of it, so you could attempt placing them done in the chroot. For a checklist of the mono plans, do:

sudo aptitude search mono
2022-06-07 15:00:38