How secure is the ubuntuone nightlies repos?

For my computer systems with Natty UbuntuOne just functions essentially secure with the nightlies launches ( ). My major problem is, when I add the repo to my apt resources I get motivated with a caution that claims that the key is not reliable. Currently, just how significant is this? I'm syncing lots of individual information - so I ask yourself whether I can rely on nightlies or whether I should not utilize it? Any kind of suggestion? Just how large is the opportunity that my information are reading by a 3rd party?

2022-06-07 14:34:56
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Any every night database is most likely ahead with some threat of damage (code sensible), yet when it comes to your information - no person reads it if you are making use of the very same solution as what you would certainly make use of with the supply Ubuntu One.

The factor you are obtaining a mistake in Apt is due to the fact that you did not add the gpg key for the database (which I recommend you do, yet it is not a massive bargain).

2022-06-07 14:58:31