Maximizing a Window moves minimize,maximize and close button to the left

I desire when i maximized a window for the decrease, make best use of and also close switches to not go left yet remain right like in Ubuntu 10.10.

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2022-06-07 14:34:58
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To make clear the inquiry, I think this connects to the Unity user interface in Ubuntu 11.04. If the window controls are switched over to the right of the screen, they function appropriately when an application is running in a window. Nonetheless, if the application is made best use of, the window regulates button to the left side of the screen.

While this might be taken into consideration to be a bug, given that the customer has actually shown a choice for the "normal" (i.e. historic) area of the window controls by transforming the system arrangement, it is evidently a made - in attribute, pertaining to placing the controls in the leading panel.

See where it is mentioned that "When you make best use of an application, the window controls (Close, Minimize, Maximize) are relocated right into the panel to offer you extra upright functioning space."

2022-06-07 14:58:38

Here is the method.

Press alt+f2.
Type gconf-editor.
Select apps/metacity/general
Look for button_layout and change the value in to this.

The switch will certainly transform appropriate after that and afterwards from entrusted to right. if it will not adjustment attempt logging out.

$ sudo/ etc/init. d/gdm reactivate

note: prior to colon (suggests the switches get on left side and also after colon (suggests the switches get on the appropriate side.

or if your still perplex browse through this link

2022-06-07 14:58:11