HP Ubuntu 11.04 overheat problem, any way to control?

I acquired a new hp i3 laptop computer and also im encountering a massive overheat trouble on Ubuntu (just cuz it functions penalty on windows 7).

At any time im functioning one Ubuntu and also running multi programs at very same time i get this black screen informing me that laptop computer will certainly closure as a result of get too hot, as well as melting scent from the side of laptop computer!

beyond windows 7 appears to be managing this temperature. concern quite possibly and also i never ever had this trouble.

thanks significantly

2022-06-07 14:35:00
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Do you have any kind of graphics card mounted in your laptop computer?? If of course have you mounted the exclusive vehicle driver for it?

Open resource vehicle drivers are bad at taking care of the air conditioning of the graphics card. I encountered the very same concern.

If you have graphics card and also have actually not mounted the proper vehicle driver after that run the adhering to command: jockey - gtk and also install the vehicle driver readily available for your equipment.

2022-06-07 15:00:43