What's the best way to report a kernel panic bug

Suppose I have an equipment that has no serial port and also under particular reproducible scenarios will certainly kernel panic. Think I have actually examined the mainline kernel from the kernel group PPA and also recognize this is an 'upstream kernel' concern.

What details should I collect to submit this as a kernel bug, and also where should I submit it, to get it seen?

2022-06-07 14:35:02
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Ubuntu desires us to make use of apport for reporting pests. You will certainly be asked a number of inquiries to give details (to make sure that participates of the details you require to accumulate to submit a bug record).

This is the official bug reporting method (web page has actually not yet been upgraded to include web links for Natty) with detailed just how to in obtaining you to submitting it.

There is simply 1 tiny item concerning kernel pests:

For sound, X drivers, and kernel bugs: please open a new bug instead of commenting 
on a similar bug: chances are that your hardware does not match the existing bug's 
hardware, so the bug will not be addressed. 

Good good luck and also please leave a comment if the solution left any kind of inquiries

2022-06-07 16:23:07