Ethernet port sleeping on PS3 running linux

My laboratory has a PS3 running Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Server Edition. After a duration of a couple of hrs without usage, the Ethernet link (eth0) appears to head to rest, creating the link to be shed. Pinging or attempting to SSH right into the equipment causes no feedback. The solution I've been making use of is to access the equipment in your area and also reactivate it (attempting to bring eth0 down after that up does not appear to remedy it).

I've attempted establishing a per hour cron work that works on the PS3 and also pings an additional equipment simply to create network task, yet this does not appear to address the trouble either.

Update: The remedy was to run the above cron work far more regularly: every 10 mins functions.

2022-06-07 14:35:04
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I do not possess one, so for this solution, YMMV. Nonetheless, it shows up that the PS3 applies some section of 802.3az, which seems connected to your concern.

As opposed to sending out pings from beyond your PS3 device, you need to send it from the PS3 itself. This will certainly please the network pile - and also (with any luck) the ethernet port - to make it "busy", avoiding the feared rest.

2022-06-07 14:58:58

If you making use of NetworkManager attempt switching over back to old networking without NetworkManager. That could address the trouble.

2022-06-07 14:58:51