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Can any person aim me at really certain information of what the constraints of the Web Edition of Windows Server 2008 are? I have actually seen the greater degree comparisson graphes of the numerous versions yet no thorough specifics.

I recognize they got rid of the lack of ability to install SQL Server and also dramatically elevated the RAM and also CPU restrictions. Yet a little googling shows that in Server 2003 the Web Edition has a restriction of 10 incoming UNC links to maintain individuals from utilizing it as a documents web server. Does this restriction still exist in Server 2008? Exist various other restrictions?

2022-06-07 14:35:11
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You can not make use of the Web Edition to be a Domain Controller, Terminal Server, Hyper - V host, etc It is a Web Server just.

2022-06-09 16:23:05
2022-06-09 16:18:33

According to Microsoft the major distinction is that the "web edition" consists of Microsoft is very own internet server (IIS). Extra distinctions can be seen on the adhering to web page:

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Windows Web Server 2008 is made to be made use of especially as a solitary - objective Web web server , and also supplies on a rock - strong structure of Web framework capacities in the next - generation Windows Server 2008. Integrated with the freshly re - architected IIS 7.0, ASP.NET, and also the Microsoft.NET Framework, Windows Web Server 2008 makes it possible for any kind of company to swiftly release Web web pages, Web websites, Web applications, and also Web solutions.

There are some actually excellent web pages under the "editions" link on top of that web page too. Especially states that the Web version does NOT assistance File Services.

2022-06-07 14:59:39

In enhancement to the contrast web pages on the Microsoft internet site, make certain to examine the Licensing page.

Windows Web Server 2008 can be made use of only to release Internet - obtainable Web web pages, Web websites, Web applications, Web solutions, and also POP3 mail offering

2022-06-07 14:59:09

We are running a Server 2008 Web Edition with SQL server 2008 on it.

2022-06-07 14:57:27