Treat local files as being in intranet zone in Internet Explorer

I am attempting to get Internet Explorer to deal with a documents or documents in a particular directory site on the neighborhood hdd as remaining in the Intranet Zone. I can make this job by releasing the documents to an IIS web server and also including that web server to the intranet area in the IE protection setups, and also I can additionally make it function by establishing a unc share to aim at a neighborhood disk and also including this to the intranet area. I can not appear to get this to collaborate with a neighborhood documents course though.

This is an instance of the course that I would love to have the ability to add:

documents:/// D:/ work/svn/client/ trunk/src/Test. Silverlight.UI/ Bin/Debug/TestPage. html

I have additionally attempted wildcard courses - as an example

documents:/// D:/ work/svn/ *

and also both efforts present a mistake message claiming:

> You have entered an invalid wildcard
> sequence. Examples of valid patterns:
>   *://*
>   http://*
>   file:\\localsvr\share
>   *://157.54.100-200.* Examples of
> invalid patterns:
>   http://microsoft.*.com  ftp://*

Is this feasible with Internet Explorer or is it banned for one reason or another? I'm making use of IE8.

Many thanks!

2022-06-07 14:35:16
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Answers: 1

You can possibly do it if you made use of UNC courses:

documents: bkslshcomputernamebkslshd$ bkslshetcbkslshetc

Then open the documents in IE making use of the very same course.

2022-06-07 14:55:34