Is there a telephone in Megan Reed's office?

At the very start of the video game, while surfing around Megan Reed is workplace, I went on listening to a telephone ring. Given that there is numerous interactable points therein, I invested a while seeking it - nevertheless, possibly I can address her phone for her, given that I was currently examining her e-mail and also having fun with her plaything auto.

However, I could not locate it. Exists in fact a phone in there someplace?

2022-06-07 14:35:18
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Answers: 1

I do not think there is. Connecting with each of the things in her workplace becomes part of an achievement:

  1. The Ebook on the couch to your prompt left
  2. A plaything auto in addition to a declaring device in between a pile of documents and also a printer (prompt right where you start)
  3. A publication on Megan is workdesk that reviews "Being More Effective", it has to do with 3 feet to the left of the plaything auto
  4. Next is the e-mails on Megan is computer system, you have to scroll down each of them for it to count in the direction of the achievement/trophy
  5. The image is to the prompt left of the computer system
  6. Lastly, the paper goes to completion of the workdesk (on the left side)

2022-06-07 14:56:16