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Basic suggestion of what I'm attempting to do: I would certainly such as to arrangement a digital hosting collection for an internet site i'm working with. Preferably I would certainly such as to make an adjustment, fire up and also release it to the digital hosting collection, after that lower an example of information from manufacturing to make sure that I can throughly examine prior to doing a manufacturing rollout. When I was done screening on the digital hosting collection I would certainly such as collection to vanish (ie - remove/delete the VMs so I can additionally examine from fresh installs)

My best objective: My objective is to automate the procedure of establishing and also taking apart the whole digital collection. Eg - like running a manuscript on the web server organizing the VMs that would certainly create or delete all the VMs. Does any person recognize if this could be performed with existing virtualization remedies? I'm additionally controversial and also pointers concerning just how you or your company does this.

fyi - If I can get that much the digital web servers need to have the ability to bootstrap themselves over again with PXE and also debians FAI, and afterwards creature will certainly end up the arrangement work.

2022-06-07 14:35:20
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Yes, most virtualization remedies are scriptable nowadays.

With Xen, xen - devices, and also FAI you could also navigate without PXE (examine the FAI wiki concerning assimilation with xen - devices).

Yet comparable points need to be feasible with libvirt (which I would certainly advise to make use of anyhow, to get decoupling of the virtualization modern technology made use of) and also KVM/XEN/QEMU/

I've been thinking of doing something like for screening of FAI itself, and also I #d make use of the crucible screening structure for it, it appears enticing for such jobs

Also, you could look at ganeti - it can additionally collaborate with xen, kvm and also possibly libvirt is additionally applied in the meanwhile - if you require extra VM is than a solitary equipment can take care of, this is really intriguing due to the fact that it'll helkp you additionally with points like documents release and also running commands on the digital systems.

2022-06-08 01:55:56

What virtualization system are you making use of? VMware is Lab Manager item is functioning doubt my office for establishing examination - collections and also consumer settings.

2022-06-07 15:01:47

VMWare supply a number of items that could aid with what you intend to do:

2022-06-07 15:01:44

Both VMware Server and also VirtualBox have commandline devices. vmrun and also VBoxManage specifically. With either item you can create manuscripts that create, start, stop, and also remove equipments (and also far more).

As an example (on VBox):

$ VBoxManage startvm "Windows"

The above will certainly start a VM called Windows.

For Virtual Box I would certainly consider: Using VBoxManage to control virtual machines

For VMware: vmrun command < - Warning, pdf

2022-06-07 15:01:08