Partitioning scheme for a virtual machine host

I am intending to make use of an Ubuntu Server 12.04 with KVM to create 2 digital equipments. Reviewing some docs on the net, I have located that an excellent strategy is to make use of LVM based VM, so my suggestion is to have:

  • 1 ext2 dividing for boot
  • 1 LVG with 3 sensible quantities: 1 for host, 1 for vm1 and also 1 for vm2

Is this an excellent dividing system? What variables do I require to take into consideration?

2022-06-07 14:35:22
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My regular arrangement looks something like:

  1. Software raid over the block tools (either Level 1 or 5)
  2. One Physical Volume & Volume Group over Software raid
  3. One LV for / as grub nowadays can manage LVM and also raid without a trouble. There remains in my point of view no demand for a committed boot dividing
  4. Depending on your system either an added LV for /var/log or /home

So of course your system need to function. If you have numerous disks you can additionally take into consideration making use of committed disks for your virtual machines and also make use of various ones for your os. It actually relies on your equipment and also your needs.

As you are making use of kvm see to it to make use of virtio and also disable caching for your block tool.

As a whole you need to recognize your needs, as an example quickly, trusted, safe and secure (as an example no customer need to have the ability to create an disk room complete for system daemons) etc and also make your system around it.

2022-06-07 14:55:56