Will expanding an EBS ext3 file system cause corruption?

We are making use of ext3 now for our EBS documents systems and also I was asking yourself if there would certainly be any kind of troubles with the adhering to circumstance for increasing the dimension.

  1. Create EBS first dimension 2GB (ebs1)
  2. Snapshot EBS (s1)
  3. Create 10GB EBS (ebs2) from photo (s1)

Will this corrupt the documents system? Will the ext3 documents system instantly manage this scenario? Furthermore, will lowering the dimension, making use of the very same method, create any kind of troubles (thinking the room is still enough for the information)?

I have actually efficiently done this in the EC2 setting yet given that I'm presently making use of really little information I'm not exactly sure if I've created any kind of troubles.

Would certainly running fsck locate concerns similar to this?

2022-06-07 14:35:27
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Expanding the underlying dividing dimension does not autoexpand the filesystem. You require to run resize2fs to resize the filesystem on that particular dividing - increasing can be performed with the filesystem placed, yet reducing calls for unmounting first.

Keep in mind: the above is basic in application ; I have not made use of EBS or EC2 this way, yet have no factor to think it would certainly be any kind of various.

2022-06-07 14:56:19