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I would certainly such as TextMate to identify that RDF documents are XML and also highlight them thus yet I can not appear to locate a means to do this via the UI. Exists a means to add documents extension/type organizations?

2022-06-07 14:35:43
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In the food selection, most likely to Bundles - > Bundle Editor - > Edit Languages - > XML - > XML. (That is, in the area XML, you have both XML and also XSL.)

After that in the grammar you will certainly see in the appropriate pane, add RDF documents to the fileTypes area. (That area is right on top of the grammar in this instance, yet as @umassthrower points out, it might be later on.):

    {   scopeName = 'text.xml';
        fileTypes = ( 'xml', 'tld', 'jsp', 'pt', 'cpt', 'dtml', 'rss', 'opml' );

See this link for even more gory information on filetype organizations.

Per @zengabor in a comment, "In TextMate 2 the actions are: Bundles > Edit Bundles > XML > Language Grammars > XML, and afterwards modify the checklist of "File Types" in the drawer."

2022-06-07 15:14:11