SATA disks boot order?

I have a computer system with 4 SATA disks attached, 2 to the motherboard and also 2 to a PCI - card.

I've relocated all the disks from various other computer systems so 2 of them currently has actually windows mounted, the various other 2 has actually simply had information on them.

I recognize among the windows installments jobs and also i intend to utilize this install. If i just have this disk attached the computer system boots penalty.

The trouble is that when i boot with all 4 disks attached i get a mistake message concerning not having the ability to boot. This message remains in swedish (the incorrect windows installment is swedish) so it needs to originate from that installment. Ok, that suggests it is attempting too from incorrect disk, i attempt to take out that disk yet after that i get the very same mistake in english. I take out the 4th disk rather I get an additional mistake concerning NTLDR not having the ability to load.

If i disconnect all drives other than the one with the proper windows installment, windows boots great and also i can additionally connect the various other drives while windows is running and also surf about in them with no troubles.

I have no idea what to do. In my BIOS arrangement i can just select SATA as boot - alternative, not the order of the disks. I additionally attempted to remove what is left of windows on the various other disk by merely removing every little thing in traveler (obtained concealed - and also sytstem - documents noticeable).

Both windows installments are XP btw.

Edit: I switched over the wires around and also currently it amazingly functions.

2022-06-07 14:35:47
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All various other points being equivalent, SATA drives start up in order of their ports. So SATA1 boots prior to SATA2, SATA3 boots prior to SATA4, etc.

When you switched over the wires, you likely placed the "good" windows install at a lower SATA port than the negative install.

The majority of motherboards will certainly permit you to set the boot order on SATA drives however, so this practices can generally more than - ridden in the biographies.

2022-07-24 00:26:53