What is the lowest altitude at which wyverns appear?

I'm beginning a new (huge) map, and also I intend to construct my royal residence in mid - air to far better see the lands under my regulation. I intend to make certain that when I'm loosening up in my glass - bottomed pool consuming alcohol an in your area made artisanal mana remedy I do not get struck by looting shrews and also wyverns. What is the minimum elevation at which they appear/the maximum at which I can securely stay?

(I'm mindful that having NPCs about will certainly lower the generate - price, yet those immoral peasants do not reach stay in the skies. They are not worthwhile.)

2022-06-07 14:35:49
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According to the Terraria Wikia, Wyverns generate over 800 feet over ground in all biomes other than Hallow, where they generate at simply 300 feet.

2022-06-07 14:57:32