Homebrew installed libraries, how do I use them?

I'm a little bit overwhelmed.

I've mounted a number of collections (as an example vtk, gsl, ) that I require for a c+npls task for college. I made use of homebrew to install them (the good news is there were solutions readily available).

My inquiry is, does Homebrew link these right into /usr/include or something equivalent? Or is this something I would certainly require to do by hand?

Homebrew generally does this sort of things for executables, yet I can not appear the locate the collections anywhere apart from in the /usr/local/Cellar/... directory sites. I have a number of collections mounted so I can not merely make use of - L/ for each and every of them.

2022-06-07 14:35:52
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They are generally connected in /usr/local/lib (Intel Macs) or /opt/homebrew/lib/ (M1 Macs). If they are not there, attempt brew link <library-you-are-installing> ; that needs to address it.

2022-06-07 14:58:03