Why is my host name wrong at the Terminal prompt when connected to a public WiFi network?

For 3 days right, I have actually attached to the general public WiFi network at my library. Daily, I have actually seen a various punctual in Terminal. Below are several of the motivates I've seen:

zp-pc:~ russell$
mary-pc:~ russell$
normob05:~ russell$

I have check under System Preferences - > Sharing, and also my computer system name is "Russell is Mac". Additionally, I set the DHCP Client ID to "RUSSMAC" under System Preferences - > Network - > Advanced - > TCP/IP, yet I still see the arbitrary host names at the Terminal punctual.

Why is my computer system name transforming on a daily basis?

2022-06-07 14:35:56
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Found the solution here, though there is some conversation concerning the information.

Basically, the Mac will certainly grab a host name from the DHCP web server. This does not influence your computer system is name as you have actually appointed it. This will just influence what you see at the command punctual.

2022-06-07 14:59:33