Behaviour of nginx as proxy

I'm examining nginx with various arrangements to change a style collaborating with squid+apache. I recognize that I can make use of nginx to take care of fixed demands and also load harmonizing yet I'm interested in one certain remedy that I do not recognize plainly:

I'm making use of 2 nginx web servers (well balanced) with the proxy_pass readying to pass all demands to an apache web server. When one customer makes a demand to the website among the nginx web servers refine it and also send it to the apache web server. Currently, just how this practices could be a renovation to my system?, it appears that all demands are travelling through apache and also I do not see advantage in all. What takes place when 100 synchronised links travel through nginx? The 100 links will be mosting likely to the apache web server or is some sort of inner practices that permits a tiny influence right into apache?

2022-06-07 14:36:07
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Nginx can aid your Apache when you have a great deal of slow-moving links to your websites. As an example nginx state - equipment style isn't at risk to Slowloris DDoS

2022-06-07 15:55:35

I recognize that nginx can execute a great deal of features, yet why not pass on each item of the style to software program that does one item of it actually well? Take into consideration some, or all, of these items: extra pound or haproxy for the load harmonizing, varnish or squid for the reverse caching proxy, and also having nginx and also apache on the backside for fixed and also vibrant web content (specifically).

That claimed, I'm not specifically certain what your inquiry is. You've informed nginx to pass all demands (I think by "pass" you suggest not caching them) to an apache back - end. Without caching, the advantage would certainly be dispersing the load throughout numerous apache web servers on the backside. If you just have one back - end apache web server, after that you'll just get the advantage by caching the web content, not simply passing demands right via.

Even more information concerning your arrangement, and also what you intend to do, would certainly aid.

2022-06-07 15:02:57