Program to print gCal or iCal calendars in a monthly one calendar per column format

I'm relocating my family members off of making use of the reduced technology "Boynton Mom is Family Calendar" to set up points yet I would certainly such as to have the ability to create a month-to-month hard copy of the calendar in the very same "Boynton" layout (I'm certain it has a main name). The layout is type - of like a spread sheet where each row of the calendar is a various day of the month and also there is a different column for each and every individual in the family members. I have all our schedules on Google yet they are additionally obtainable from iCal on the Mac. Exists a Mac program that can get the information from gCal or iCal print out the schedules in the Boynton layout?

2022-06-07 14:36:10
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Try making use of the Grab application under Utilities you can record the entire screen, window, or an option and also print it out

2022-06-07 15:14:48