Does InDesign have an analogue to MIF or some other easily generated format with equivalent capability?

Let me clarify what I am attempting to attain:

I have actually done operations with LaTeX and also FrameMaker that include an area (such as an information dictionary or API reference) that is included right into a bigger requirements record. I would love to create this instantly different documents in a textual layout with cross - reference supports in a secure, human legible created format (as an example DBCol: FooTable.BarColumn) and also have the capacity to randomly restore this documents and also re - import it without damaging the XRef web links. This procedure is fairly feasible with FrameMaker making use of MIF and also unimportant with LaTeX. In both of these devices, one can do the following:

  • It is feasible to enter a cross - reference elsewere in the record and also type the tag in straight as the location, as an example describing a data source table or column in a mapping record with a secure cross - reference to the information dictionary.

  • The imported documents can include a cross - reference link to something in other places in the requirements, whether the location is created or otherwise. i.e., the cross - referencing can function both methods and also out of the created area.

  • Designing is acquired from the record ; the import documents need to define design tags that acquire real design features from the moms and dad record.

  • Cross - referrals to these supports from various other components of the record continue to be secure throughout numerous imports, i.e. re - importing the documents does not damage the Xref web links.

  • This documents needs to be different and also instantly referenced from a master record (as an example a Framemaker publication documents) as opposed to calling for a hand-operated import procedure.

  • The documents remains in a textual layout that is moderately very easy to create and also repair the import of (provided MIF import is rather pernickety ;-).

As I've claimed, you can do this with FrameMaker or LaTeX. Can a person define whether this is feasible with InDesign, and also probably locate a link to documents that defines the documents layout - i.e. does InDesign/Incopy have any kind of straight analog to MIF?

Edit: I've located some documents concerning InDesign Tagged Text and also IDML which would certainly fit the costs.

2022-06-07 14:36:16
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