An alternative software to Live Writer?

I desire a software program for blogging like Live Writer in Linux and also GNOME.

Do you have any kind of suggestion?

2022-06-07 14:36:39
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For Wordpress there is Lekhonee, yet not yet also attribute - abundant:

2022-06-07 15:06:24

If you are broaching desktop computer customers after that there is blogilo and also blogtk. There is one for simply Tumblr in getdeb.

2022-06-07 15:06:23

BloGTK (Click To Install)

BloGTK is a blog customer that permits you to upload to your blog from GNOME without the demand for a different internet browser window. BloGTK permits you to get in touch with several blog systems such as Blogger, Movable Type, WordPress, and also extra. BloGTK is created making use of Python and also PyGTK, and also is made to be rapid and also straightforward to make use of.

BloGTK is open - resource software program launched under the BSD certificate, which suggests that it is entirely free for usage.

BloGTK will certainly n`t make you extra eye-catching to the contrary sex, it will certainly n`t create globe tranquility, and also it does n`t make julienne french fries. It does make upgrading your blog from Linux a lot easier and also extra reliable. On the various other hand, that can make you extra eye-catching to the contrary sex. (Guarantee of good looks gap in this measurement.)

2022-06-07 15:06:19

Blogilo is a wonderful one.


ScribeFire Blog Editor is additionally a firefox (and also a few other internet browsers) expansion which gives several attributes.

ScribeFire is an expansion for the Mozilla Firefox Web internet browser, Google Chrome Web internet browser, Opera Web Browser, and also Apple Safari Web internet browser that permits you to conveniently upload to every one of your blog sites.

Drivel is an additional alternative:

Drivel is a GNOME customer for collaborating with on-line journals, additionally called blogs or merely "blogs". It preserves a straightforward and also classy layout while giving several effective attributes

and also BloGTK additionally which is stated in previous solutions.

2022-06-07 15:06:08

For Markdown and also various other light - weight/readable markup languages there is the ReText editor.

Ubuntu customers (10.04 and also greater) can install ReText using ppa:mitya57.


2022-06-07 15:01:47