How do you put +alchemy or +enchantment onto Armour?

Call me oblivious yet I can not figure this set out. I've obtained a Fortify Alchemy enchant and also I can not place it on armour. Exists a particular sort of armour I placed it on?

2022-06-07 14:36:43
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You can not place fortify delight onto shield as that would certainly create a responses loop, and also this was purposefully obtained. Furthermore, you can not make a fortify alchemy remedy.

Nonetheless, you CAN placed fortify alchemy onto these items of shield:

  • headgears and also circlets
  • lockets
  • rings
  • handwear covers

To do so, simply locate an item of equipment with the fortify alchemy delight on it, and afterwards disenchant it (resembles you have actually currently done this action). After that, you can currently make use of that delight on the formerly stated equipment.

There is a rather popular method that you can put on both a Falmer headgear and also a circlet at the very same time, so in reality you can rise to 5 items of shield with the fortify alchemy incentive.

There is a respectable table on uesp that reveals you what delights can go onto what shield.

2022-06-07 15:00:34