Why is the icon for the 'copy dialog' indicator a mouse pointer?

When duplicating or relocating a huge documents I have actually seen the symbol for the duplicate dialog indication is a computer mouse reminder.

Is this intend to be, or is it a bug?

This is actually complex.

2022-06-07 14:36:44
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The symbol concerned is system-file-manager-panel.svg.

In Ubuntu 10.10 and also earlier, the ubuntu-mono-dark motif did not include its very own variation of the symbol, so it was instantly acquired from the Humanity-Dark motif rather. The variation in the Humanity - Dark motif represents a computer mouse reminder dragging a folder:

Bug #553256

On March 23, 2011, a major complete redraw of all the mono icons was committed which included a replacement for the inherited icon that much better fit the mono symbol motif.

I can not locate any kind of created validation for the choice to make use of a computer mouse reminder in the photo, yet offered its background my supposition is that this is merely an instance of descent with alteration ; the new symbol is a functionally approximate stylization of the previous one.

Whatever the validation is, it is clear that the photo was picked purposefully and also is not a software program bug.

2022-06-07 21:20:52

There was a bug reported that ubuntu - mono - dark (the default symbol motif that gives the symbols for the appindicators) does not have any kind of symbol for documents procedures.

A more comprehensive bug was submitted and also the symbols were completely redrawn. However, there appears to be no public layout conversation in between Otto Greenslade (Visual Design Lead) and also Daniel Fore (Artist). I could not locate any kind of IRC logs in between disorderly and also DanRabbit (their takes care of). Possibly somebody else is IRC looking is far better than mine?

Transforming The Icons

If you do not such as the symbol, attempt this command to see what documents procedures icons the various other motifs on your system give.

find /usr/share/icons -name "system-file-manager-panel.*" | sed -e"s/.*/<img src=\"file:\/\/&\" alt=\"&\" \/>&<p\/>/" > ~/icons.html
xdg-open ~/icons.html

I have elementary and also faenza mounted, yet there still aren't any kind of excellent alternatives.

So what I did was make use of the haze symbol from ubuntu - mono - dark. It resembles 3 squiggly lines and also I assume that stands for activity (relocating documents) far better than a reminder:

Then you can create your very own light-weight motif (as I described here) that changes the symbol you do not like with your recommended symbol. In my instance I'm making use of climate - fog.svg.

# Create a new theme containing the icon we want
mkdir -p ~/.icons/mono-seth/actions/scalable
ln -s /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/status/16/weather-fog.svg ~/.icons/mono-seth/actions/scalable/.
# Copy the theme config and modify it for our new theme
cp /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/index.theme        ~/.icons/mono-seth/.
sed -i -e "s/Name=ubuntu-mono-dark/Name=mono-seth/g"    ~/.icons/mono-seth/index.theme
sed -i -e "s/Inherits=/Inherits=ubuntu-mono-dark,/g"    ~/.icons/mono-seth/index.theme

Now open Appearance and also transform your symbol motif to mono - seth. (If your recommended symbol motif is not ubuntu - mono - dark, adjustment Inherits=ubuntu-mono-dark to Inherits=your-theme-here. See to it the name matches among the motifs in /usr/share/icons or ~/.icons.)

2022-06-07 21:20:35

This relies on the symbol motif you pick.

Ubuntu Mono Dark¢

Oxygen: ¢

Humanity: ¢

Hight comparison inverse: ¢

2022-06-07 21:01:16

I would certainly presume that is due to the fact that you usually make use of the computer mouse arrow for duplicate and also paste along with action procedures of documents.

2022-06-07 17:59:52