Why does my bluetooth keyboard lose connection after 15 seconds in Windows 7 on my MacBook?

I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 RC, which is attached to a Logitech DiNovo key-board using Bluetooth.

If I do not utilize my key-board for ~ 15 secs, it takes 3 - 4 secs prior to it replies to key-board occasions once more.

This began around 14 days ago prior to that the very same keyboard/computer functioned penalty.

If I couple the very same key-board with an additional computer system running Windows 7 RC, I do not have any kind of troubles. If I couple an additional Bluetooth key-board (Logitech DiNovo Edge) with the MacBook it additionally has troubles.

I'm unaware concerning just how to settle this concern (other than re-installing Windows).

Does any person have pointers concerning just how to trouble address this concern?

2022-06-07 14:36:46
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ALRIGHT I found the solution here. Many thanks to groblus for claiming the magic Google term: "Power management".

I've replicated the remedy from the link over:

Go to Bluetooth Devices (click the Bluetooth alert symbol in the dock err taskbar) - > Open Settings.

Currently click the Hardware tab, select Apple Built - in Bluetooth, and also click Properties in the lower right. A new window needs to turn up.

Click "Change settings" in the lower left (guard symbol).

The window shuts and also a somewhat various one opens up. Most likely to the Power Management Tab and also uncheck "Allow the computer system to switch off this tool to conserve power."

2022-06-07 16:05:23

have you examine all the alternatives conserning power mamagement? I'm not windows 7 customer yet it aims to me like some type of "power saving" improvement. there was a simillar concern pair years ago with usb linked adsl modems - turing off every feasible attribute consenring power conservation soveld the issue.ยข does it take place while on battery or regularly?

2022-06-07 15:02:21