Does Win 7 or Snow Leopard have a feature similar to Ubuntu's workspace?

I actually like the work space attribute in Ubuntu due to the fact that I can have 2 sorts of windows, one for amusement and also the various other for growth. I additionally such as just how I can relocate programs from one work space to the next. I was experimenting with Spaces on OS X 10.5 yet could not reproduce Ubuntu is work space practices. Does any person recognize if Windows 7 or Snow Leopard has a comparable work space fuctionality?

2022-06-07 14:36:53
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The 'surprise attribute' of Snow Leopard is a host of tweaks to just how Spaces and also Exposé act. Also if you weren't satisfied with Spaces/Expos é in Leopard you might be really happy with them in Snow Leopard.

Below is a brief video showing a bit of window management in Spaces mode (the top of the screen is clipped off in the video clip).

You can zoom - bent on rooms setting (using a warm - edge or keystroke) and also drag specific windows throughout (including Exposé setting along with Spaces zoom as received the video clip to see every window), or hold the Command key and also all the windows coming from that application will certainly cross.

Or while focused you can drag a window to the side of the screen, hold a minute, and also your sight will certainly glide throughout to the surrounding room bringing the window with you. A keystroke (in my instance, ctrl - 1 via ctrl - 4) to switch over rooms while dragging a window will certainly have the very same result.

2022-06-08 04:32:07

Windows 7 has digital desktop computers, which could be comparable.

See the adhering to write-up for a contrast of numerous digital desktop computer supervisors: "Best Free Virtual Desktop Manager". My individual fave is Dexpot.

2022-06-07 15:02:00