Changing screen saver settings without completely removing gnome-screensaver and installing xscreensaver

I get on 11.04 presently.

Would love to identify just how to transform the settings for screensavers without entirely switching over to xscreensaver.

I read someplace that it does not play as perfectly with several of gnome is attributes like screen securing. I additionally read some overview that advised mounting xscreensaver and also configuring your screen saver settings there and also evidently they were intended to be made use of by gnome-screensaver too. Yet that did not benefit me.

2022-06-07 14:36:53
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Well you can transform it on/off, select the screen saver, transform the moment settings and also lock the screen settings making use of the power>system settings>screensaver if that would certainly aid. Not the best of adjustments I confess yet far better than I assumed it would certainly be.

Even more information below:

Guide to screen savers in Natty Narwhal

Hope that aids you in the meantime.

2022-06-07 15:05:15

You can tune your screensavers using xscreensaver yet still make use of gnome - screensaver daemon to run them. gnome - screensaver has no other way to tune screensavers as a result of its writer is spiritual dispositions. I have actually never ever seen much problem changing it with xscreensaver, with the exception of screen securing. If you require securing, you will certainly need to make a personalized switch or food selection thing.

2022-06-07 15:04:55